Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to the mainland

I have concluded my journey to the Hawaiian Islands. The week started out quite painful as my sinus' were clogged and I had a horrible migraine. I battled through my meetings in hopes of feeling better. Got to meet my new Vice President of the company and I tell you she is awesome!!

So my plan was to start working out, but with being so sick I couldn't. It wasn't until Thursday night until I did something fun. Got to see John/Kelly and go for a wonderful Korean feast. We always eat well there. Then the next day was the most amazing day I had in Hawaii. I was lucky enough to have a good friend take me to Hanama Bay for Snorkeling, Kayaking in the waters, Shave ice in town, the greatest Mochi on earth, and a homemade meal. It was amazing.

Kayaking was finally my workout. My shoulders are so sore today. So I guess that counts as the workout. I still am a little sick so I am now deferring my running until Tuesday...

So I bought my camera. It is a really cool Kodak camera. I didn't get too many pics because I bought it the day I left but here is my start.

As I snorkled through these waters giant fish cruised on by me left and right....

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